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 Netgear Wnce2001 inexpensive.

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Netgear Wnce2001 inexpensive. Empty
PostSubject: Netgear Wnce2001 inexpensive.   Netgear Wnce2001 inexpensive. I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 15, 2011 4:06 pm

This is definitely Netgear's Universal Wifi The web Adapter. 聽 While wifi dongles connect via USB, the WNCE2001 connects for your device using an Ethernet cable. 聽 Most network marketing players and networked home entertainment devices require that you choose a specific dongle produced by the manufacturer to join up wirelessly. 聽 The Ethernet cable tv connection bypasses that requirement and may enable any device for connecting to your wifi dwelling network.
Why Netgear WNCE2001? Beyond its simplicity of use and portability, the WNCE2001 is a superb performer. 聽 The WNCE2001 gave us the very best performance in high definition and 3D high-definition video streaming. 聽 There have been no interruptions, no buffering, and the picture superior quality was as flawless as being the original that was remaining streamed.
聽 Features: 聽聽聽 -Connects HDTVs, online game consoles, and Blu-ray players for the Internet聽聽聽 -Connects any device which includes a network port to prevailing Home Wireless Network聽聽聽 -Wirelessly hooks up networked home theater devices to your home network聽聽聽 -Universal - works together any network enabled machine. No need to get hold of a Wi-Fi adapter that only works together one type of device聽聽聽 -Avoid extensive stringing cables. Freedom to put your home entertainment center anywhere whilst still being connect to the Web

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AB_lang = "en";
AB_cat_channel = "2800671232, ";
AB_path = "http: //d21j60o022fwiu. cloudfront. net/";
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This particular unit, the NETGEAR WNCE2001 General WiFi Adapter, was quite simple to setup.
1. We used my laptop, the Compaq Presario CQ56, with it's WiFi turned off.
2. Plugged in the interact and USB cable in to the NETGEAR adapter. ( USB supplies power so it's not necessary to use the power pack)
3. Waited for that steady green lights ahead on then opened the browser. (I used Opera 5. 0)
4. Followed the on-screen guidance and chose my network after it appeared within the pick list. (I'm utilizing a D-Link DIR655 wireless router)
5. At this time I chose to go into my network password PERSONALLY. (I cut and pasted the 64 character password to the blank space provided)
6. Click the connect button....... 2 minute timer matters off and connects the system to your network. That is it, you're done.
It took me under 10 minutes to configure. My laptop was back on the web with this adapter. Now I have a back up device in case the laptop WiFi fails. At the moment I'm using the adapter designed for DirecTv's On Demand Cinema.
The password remains within the unit even through power failures. I unplugged the system, waited 20 seconds and reconnected the ability cable. The unit reconnected for the router after power up. If you wish an extensive reconfiguration just push the reset button from the hole in the back with a pin.
The unit seemed to be configured using Windows 7 64 bit. Also worked with Windows xp Pro.
Distance was about 30 feet in the router. <! --INFOLINKS_OFF-->.
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Netgear Wnce2001 inexpensive.
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