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 Athleanx workout review Sapphire Vapor-x Hd 5750 1gb Gddr5 Layouts Card.

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Athleanx workout review Sapphire Vapor-x Hd 5750 1gb Gddr5 Layouts Card. Empty
PostSubject: Athleanx workout review Sapphire Vapor-x Hd 5750 1gb Gddr5 Layouts Card.   Athleanx workout review Sapphire Vapor-x Hd 5750 1gb Gddr5 Layouts Card. I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 19, 2011 1:21 pm

The Radeon 5000 a line graphics cards were rather recently released by AMD/ATI and for initially in a couple of years, AMD/ATI (hereafter often known as only AMD) is back in the performance lead. NVIDEA will release his or her next generation of graphics cards rather soon but no date is about and very little info about it has leaked to press.

Just a little while back AMD released the 5850 and also the 5870 graphics cards of very well received for reviews and by individuals. I did a athlean-x review an Asus 5850 minute card myself.

Just a little while later AMD release the HD 5970 that is a dual GPU card while using the code name 揌emlock? an awfully powerful and expensive business card. You can check away reviews at testseek. com on. Here抯 the current group from AMD:

I already discussed excellent with the Radeon 5000 series in doing my Asus HD 5850 examine so I抦 not preparing to repeat everything again. Suffice to suggest, the new generation seems to have some new great traits. First, the chips are prepared in the new 40nm technological innovation which promises lower power consumption and less warmth. Secondly, the ATI EyeFinity technology enables us to connect up to three monitors to each card that means a total of 6 monitors in CrossFireX. Other important characteristics might possibly be the ATI Stream (GPU acceleration), Offered CL (API for refinement in parallel GPU-CPU) not to mention Directx 11 support.

NOW, enough is enough; let抯 see the specifications of all the Sapphire HD 5750 Vapor-X 1GB DDR5:

Sapphire 5750 HIGHER Steam 1GB DDR5
GPU Juniper PRO PLAYER (Radeon HD 5870)
Technology 40nm
Watch processors 720
Texture units 36
ROPs 16
GPU Speed 710 Mhz (700 Mhz HIGHER 5750)
Memory 1GB GDDR5 (1GB/512MB GDDR5 HIGHER 5750)
Memory speed 4640 Mhz (4600Mhz)
Harmful width 128bits
Memory bandwidth 108GB/s
Conditioning system Steam, double slot
Connectivity 2 DVI-I
Compatibility with the help of CrossFireX Yes
External power connectors 1 6 a PCI-E of pin
The most power consumption 108W (load)/18W (rest)
Guaranteed technologies DirectX 11, DirectX 10. 1n, ATI Capability Play, ATI Avivo, DXVA 1, 0 & step 2, 0, Open GL 3, step 2 (G. ), Dolby The case HD and DTS-HD Sound experience Masters, ATI Stream, ATI Eyefinity.
On the box Sapphire draws attention the Vapor-X technology and all the new AMD technologies outlined above.
The card is secured in any card board box and enclosed by the usual anti static plastic bag.
The included products are: a manual; some CD with drivers not to mention utilities; the application 揂rcSoft SimHD? some coupon to download typically the Dirt2 game (supports DirectX 11); step 2 molex to 6 green PCIe adapter cables; a DVI-VGA adapter and then a CrossFireX bridge.

The card itself really looks impressive utilizing its massive cooling solution. I have had the opportunity to see models of the 5750 from quite a few manufacturers and the Sapphire card is developed on top.
The cooling solution uses up a double slot that is definitely a disadvantage because this card must be rated as a medium range card and the majority users prefer single slot cards through this segment. AMD/ATI sets the overall rules where the manufacturers can build their cards where they often leave rather small margins we guess must be the reasons I have yet to discover a 5750 single slot card.

The technology searched by the cooling system Vapor-X has its origins in the aerospace industry. The cooling liquid, (in this case water) becomes steam about the hot surface (the GPU) and then the resulting steam is condensed as it reaches in touch with a colder surface which revolves the steam into liquefied again and returns towards hot surface again therefore, the process repeats itself. Sapphire claims that Vapor-X system is a great deal more effective than the a blueprint cooling system, up that will 7 degrees.

In the right hands, less heat would mean less noise. And this is also another characteristic within the Vapor-X system.

In order that will help the Vapor-X system to help cool the liquid of which circulates in its indoors, Sapphire has installed an 80mm fan that may be perfectly integrated with the black plastic cover. One of the many sides of the plastic material cover holds the Sapphire custom logo which glows blue as soon as the system is running. Have a look at image below to see what I抦 sharing.
The 揃lack Diamond? condensers which caused some buzz in the field are included on this card. The aluminum polymer for these condensers is finer quality than the one used just one in 搉ormal? aluminum condensers. As reported by Sapphire, these condensers are 25% more energy reliable than normal condensers.
The card has an added 6 pin PCIe power connector too see from the image below.
The 5750 actual seems to have two CrossFireX connections although a result of inefficiency of the Prompt drivers, it is not recommended place in more than two cards.
The memory units are visible at the PCB of this card. They are four high quality Hynix GDDR5 chips.
There can be four video exits on this card, two standard DVI-I; a HDMI and then a DisplayPort. This should satisfy the needs of even just about the most demanding users. The card is just 185 mm long and thus fits generally speaking.
These are the components in my test out system:

Test equipment
Processor Intel Foundation 2 Quad 9300 @ 3. 245 Ghz
Motherboard Gigabyte EP45C-DS3R
Sharp graphics card Sapphire HD 5750 Vapor-X 1GB GDDR5
Soundcard Integrated
Memory OCZ Reaper HPC E DDR2 1150 2? GB (5-6-6-18)
Very hard disk Seagate Barracuda 7200, 12 500 GB
Capability supply Corsair HX850W
Case Cooler Excel at 690 PURE

Operating product and software
Operating system Windows 7 64bits
Structure Drivers Catalyst 9. 11
DirectX Aug 2009
Benchmarking software 3D Amount 06
3D Mark Vantage
Furmark 1. 7
Unigyne Cloud nine Benchmark
Games The Last Remnant
Dan Clancy磗 Hawx
Street Fighter IV
They reside Malefic V
Weak May Yowl 4
Stalker Clear Sky
Officers? Club of Revolutionary Military Cry 2
Crysis Warhead
Various software CPU-Z 1. 49
GPU-Z 0. 3. 7
OCCT 3. 1

Right here are screen shots of your test system configuration:
Sadly I received this card a little too late as a way to test it on a old test system applications I have made many graphics card tests. This means I needs to comment on the numbers free of any real references to be able to results from old studies. I抣l try to be as objective that they can.

It抯 not a hidden knowledge that AMDs cards typically get surprisingly high scores in the FutureMark benchmarking programs (3D Mark 06 and 3D Mark Vantage). And this time was no exception too see from the graphs above.

The Unigine tests within the DirectX 10 and Lead 11X was interesting to me because of the results I got along with the same tests on the Asus HD5850 card two weeks back. One of the main marketing points on the DirectX 11 is to be supposed to be way quicker than its predecessor. With the HD 5850 I had the opposite results and too see from the equity graphs above, the same goes for the 5750 card. Obviously AMD are receiving troubles here. Hopefully we will have improvements with the discharge of new Catalyst staff.

The performance of this Radeon HD 5750 might be spectacular. It is able to keep a high FPS rate together with the games in this first of all series. It had no problems their beefed up the resolution and started filters. The fact that hot weather includes 1GB of GDDR5 accompanied by a bandwidth of 108 GB/s must remain what ultimately keeps the smoothness within the games going even utilizing filters on.
In your second battery of games which includes the most demanding activities, the limitations of the HD 5750 comes to light. Although it doesn抰 hinder us from enjoying this games altogether, it is clear that that is the mid range card. Solely have HD 5750 it is a good idea to say that even the incredibly powerful HIGH DEFINITION 5850 had some concerns with these games together with the settings at max. Considering that the HD 5850 has double the length of stream processors compared to HD5750 it is fair to mention that the HD 5750 is a very potent card.
The release of this HD 5750 brings power to the medium range segment. Up till now, I haven抰 said a whole lot about its overclocking capabilities but reports from alternative reviews and forums are generally positive. Therefore I was very eager to test a HD 5750 card myself and listen to of the overclocking potential really was virtually I had heard. I cannot deny that i got even happier lake learnt that I can test a HD 5750 aided by the Vapor-X technology.
Indeed, the overclocking capacity of that card is high. Have a look at following screen shots which i obtained without modifying voltages nevertheless by only using Catalyst Control Center.
After having tested innumerable combinations, I received a comfortable configuration at 860 Mhz for the GPU and 1345 MHz to your memories. This means an increase for the default numbers of 23% for those GPU and 17% for that memories (percentages was calculated while using values for the a blueprint model with 700 MHz to the GPU and 1150 MHz for the memories).

The Vapor-X cooling system obviously does a great job. In the following graph you will discover the temperatures when the card is during IDLE and FULL LOAD modes. The IDLE temperatures were measured after the system had been running for a half-hour without any load. A complete LOAD numbers were taken after the system had been outright load (using Furmark 1. 7) for a a half-hour. The room temperature was basically 17贑.
The Vapor-X technology clearly does very much to keep the heat down. It was in the past I saw these small numbers at full heap. I say it once; the Vapor-X does an ideal job.

The noise level is always hard to express since it抯 a incredibly subjective thing. The fan are generally set manually or automated. During my overclocking all the fan was set to regulating itself and it rotated at 50% within the max speed. I think that the noise it created on these levels ware beautifully OK but when the application goes above it gets noticeable and somewhat unacceptable.
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Athleanx workout review Sapphire Vapor-x Hd 5750 1gb Gddr5 Layouts Card.
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