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 Fast Transfer Speed Of The Sd Secure Digital Memory Card

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PostSubject: Fast Transfer Speed Of The Sd Secure Digital Memory Card   Fast Transfer Speed Of The Sd Secure Digital Memory Card I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 09, 2011 5:03 pm

The memory cards are of many types and are used for many purposes. The SD memory cards are mostly used in cell phones, digital cameras and game consoles. In 1990s the PC card was among the 1st commercial 搈emory card?

Now the PC cards are used for modems as connection standard and for industrial applications. During that time period, other types of memory cards were introduced that were smaller in size than PC cards. These memory cards were Smart Media, miniature card and the Compact Flash cards.

From 1990-2000, many new formats of the memory cards were introduced like the memory stick, MMC (Multi-Media Card), SD (secure digital) card, and similar types of other memory cards. The compact cards were big in size.

Therefore, there was need of smaller size memory cards for PDAs, cell phones and digital cameras. In 2001, the CF (Compact Flash) and SM (Smart Media) cards were very popular for use in digital cameras. By the year 2005, the MMC and SD cards became more successful and they took over SM (Smart Media) cards. Nowadays, the modern personal computer systems have buit-in slots for the use of memory cards.

The SD (Secure Digital) memory cards are lighter and smaller in size than the compact flash (CF) cards. The SD cards have interface of nine pin and data transfer bus of 4-bit. Initially the CF cards were cheaper than the SD cards, but that is not true nowadays. SD Secure digital are all solid state memory cards. There is also advanced form of the SD card called the SD High Capacity SDHC. The capacity of the SDHC cards reaches up to 32GB.

The SD cards were developed to avoid the illegal copying of music and for the 揹igital right scheme? Secure Digital cards have the encryption hardware. The SD cards and the MMC are very much similar but the MMC does not have the 揺ncryption hardware?along with some technical differences.

Sandisk introduced series of 揺xtreme-IV?in the mid of 2006. These SD cards offer transfer speed of 40MB/second, double from the Sandisk 揺xtreme-III?SD cards. The Sandisk extreme-IV has the similar architecture design and wide range like that of Sandisk 揺xtreme-III?series. Lexar launched the 搖ltra direct memory access UDMA?cards in February 2007. These cards had the data capacities of 2 GB to 8 GB. The UDMA cards from Lexar have improved performance of about 125% as compared to the previous version Lexar 133x CF product line. The native writing speed of the extreme-III series is 20 MB/second.

The speed of extreme cards and the Sandisk ultra-II memory cards is the same. When the data is transferred to personal computer through optimized 揷ard reader? that is where the cards become the fastest. For instance, extreme-IV cards from Sandisk when connected to fast PC can deliver up to 40MB/second of transfer speed through the Sandisk card reader Firewire 800. But when it is used with card reader of generic USB 2.0, then the transfer speed lowers down to 7MB/second.

Therefore, if the user wants to get the ultimate speed and performance of the secure digital SD card, then he has to careful with the card reader he is using. The fast speed memory card will not be cost effective when the transfer speed from memory card to the personal computer is not important to the user. The user can download the fast speed 2 GB memory card to fast personal computer system with in less than a minute by using the 揊irewire-800?memory card reader. On the other hand, slower USB 2.0 and memory card can take up to six minutes.

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Fast Transfer Speed Of The Sd Secure Digital Memory Card
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